How to Add a Watermark to Images With IrfanView?

If you want to protect others from using the photos you have the copyright, you’d better add some watermark to them. IrfanView is a good choice for you. Though IrfanView does not have the watermark option menu, but you can add one through a text box. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step One: Download IrfanView and install it on your computer.

Step Two: Open the picture you want to add watermark by clicking “File”>”Open”.

Step Three: Find the location you want to put the watermark and then drag the mouse to the size of the watermark.
Step Four: Click the “Edit” menu and select “Insert Text” in the drop-down list. In the pop-up text box, text your watermark content and edit the font size. Click “Ok” to apply the change.

  • Ivan Nikitin

    It seems IrfanView isn’t developed any more. Or isn’t developed at the same pace. It’s interface is soo old.

    • FdrFdrFdr

      Thanks God for Irfanview which still has NORMAL interface, with NORMAL menus, NORMAL 3d buttons, not the modern flat govno-icons.