Monthly Archives: July 2016

Why You Need to Use Chrome’s Best Feature

Google Chrome has a lot of useful features that you should be using. Not only does it have a supercharged bookmarks manager for improved organization, but its built-in password manager keeps you safe and secure, too. But if you ask me, Chrome has one specific feature that really comes in handy, especially...Read more

How to Improve Your Photoshop Skills

Photoshop is the most famous image editing application in the world; its name has become a verb. It’s the industry standard, the most powerful, and generally just the program to use if you’re serious about image editing. But the problem is, because it can do so much, getting to grasp with all the features...Read more

How to Prevent Computer Viruses

Do you have some practical ways to easily avoid computer viruses? How could we avoid them , or at least spot them early? And if the worst comes to pass, how can we get rid of computer viruses once we have them? OK! Now, let’s look at some basic tips. Always have a backup of core files and programs S...Read more