Monthly Archives: June 2016

How to Recover Deleted Office Documents

Suppose you’ve been working on for hours, but the file has been corrupted, deleted, or otherwise lost. It can feel like an enormous waste of time and effort.  Now, these tips will help you recover your Office documents in no time at all. Use Document Recovery Office 2016 comes with built-in features to he...Read more

Some Common Chrome Issues

Google Chrome has become the browser of choice for millions of users around the world. It began life as a minimalist and lightweight browser, but as it’s grown more and more issues have crept in. If you are experiencing problems, you’ve come to the right place. now, we take a look at some of the most commo...Read more

How to Batch Resize the Images in Photoshop

If you want to resize a large batch of images on your computer, and by coincidence, you have installed Photoshop on your computer, then you can easily do the job. Photoshop has this feature, but few people know it, becasue it is hidden away in the File menu. AS shown, open the Image Processor, then you c...Read more

Dropbox Can Help You Enjoy the Traveling

It is exciting and fun to visit different places. As you travel, you will see beautiful scenerie; you may meet different people and make friends with them; you can relax yourself, and so on. But in the process of traveling, you may also encounter many problems. Now let’s talk about how Dropbox can help yo...Read more