Monthly Archives: August 2014

How to Erase Tracks on Your Computer?

Nowadays we always pay great attention to our privacy. When we surf on the internet, we will leave many tracks which can reveal some of our information. So how can we protect our privacy becomes a big problem. Fortunately, Glary Utilities solves this problem for us. It can erase your trace on computer comp...Read more

How to Disable JavaScript In Opera

Opera is easy to access the Internet and absolutely secure, which has powerful extensions, covers the basics with tabbed browsing, mouse-over previews, a customizable search bar, advanced bookmarking tools, and simple integration with e-mail and chat clients. For security or development purposes, sometimes...Read more

How to Get FrostWire to Connect

FrostWire is a free, open source BitTorrent client, first released as a fork of LimeWire. Gnutella support was dropped entirely, and now FrostWire only uses the BitTorrent network.  Here is the instruction to get FrostWire to Connect. 1. Open FrostWire and leave the application open for a while. The longe...Read more